“We here in the Western World, are the 20% of the world’s population that uses 80% of it’s recources. We need to start valuing quality, timelessness and ethics over quantity and cheap prizes. It is our large demand in cotton that is causing unethical and poor situations for other human beings, depleting our soils and threathening food safety. Trust me, I am an Earthscientist.”

The PechaKucha Night Amsterdam in a sold out RADION Amsterdam was a great succes, our story about our creative endeavors and creating for a cause, not an applause was well received by the audience. We thank each and every participant and the opportunity to have an inspirational talk on Pecha Kucha night #32. Our founder Safi Graauw will keep creating and steering towards the appreciation of quality over quantity and in such a way add to to a transition towards a ethical and sustainable clothing industry.

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