An earth scientist, a filmmaker and a strategist. It could be a worthy beginning of a bad joke, and above all they are Dutch, but their Cavemen platform is anything but a bad joke. It’s a fresh take on the clothing industry, laced with a clear vision.

Some people label them as fashion bloggers, but that term doesn’t even cover this concept for half of what its worth. These are creatives, or even better; influencers with a sustainable mindset. “Blogging is easy; you dress up nice, use a good filter on a composed photograph and suddenly you have thousands of followers to tell what they should wear. Where’s the message in that!? What do these “bloggers” stand for? You won’t last long if you don’t have any essence or message to share!” Safi beats his fists on the table, because in These Cavemen that message and vision are not lacking. To them; The key to everything is timelessness.

“If you jump on trends continuously, you lose your own signature,” says Christiaan.“If I let myself get carried away by any novelty in the field of film, I won’t be able to keep my own concept. I would get lost in technical detail. And what is the eventual purpose of that?”

They have never consciously drawn a business plan. What they do, they do without abiding by any rule. And, when people tell them what they should do, they’ll rotate their eyes sympathetically but question that motive. Because you can not be what you are not. For that reason they are rather inconspicuous than extravagant, according to Boudewijn. “The storyline is the storyline and we can do anything crazy within our films. But outside of that we are just people who dream and therefore want to get somewhere.”

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