In a world where the people demand sincerity and transparency, the power of documentary is unquestioned


Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

From Stumps to Trees

The Farmers of the Dodoma region in Tanzania are set to restore millions of living tree stumps in farmlands, grazing lands and degraded forests. Increasing their  potential to re-grow into trees, if they are given the chance.

Director: Safi Graauw & Tjeerd van der Hulst
Cinematography: Safi Graauw & Marc Haers

Tanzania's Stills

Rainmakers II: Seeds of Change

Re-greening the land

Southern Kenya is the home to the Maasai people, who mostly depend on the land as a main source of income and food. In their fight against climate change, the Maasai community has dug an impressive 80.000 semi-circular rainwater bunds in their lands. These bunds capture rain which would otherwise wash away over the dry and barren soil.

Director: Safi Graauw & Eldar Gross
Cinematography: Eldar Gross
Areal Photography: Safi Graauw

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