Safi Graauw
(left), a self-taught director and cinematographer with an academic background in earth-sciences. Interweaving a strong sense of aesthetic in innovative and narrative imagery, his work weaves popular culture into purpose led ideology and advocates for both social equality and environmentalism. 


His work was nominated for best film at the Dutch Wildlife Film Festival and he has won the My Hero International Film Festival in California. His work in the fashion industry was shortlisted on the Berlin Fashion Film Festival roster and selected for the festivals in Berlin. Safi won the “Jonge Haan” Award by the Dutch Society for Advertising and so has become 2019 most interesting talent within the Dutch advertising industry. He was named amongst the 50 most promising talents of the Netherlands in 2020 by Het Financieel Dagblad.

Financieel Dagblad
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Safi Graauw, Head of Creative Content

Selected as one of 50 promising Dutch Talents 
Genootschap der Reclame
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Safi Graauw, Head of Creative Content

Won – Jonge Haan 2019 
Most promising talent in Dutch advertising
Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2018
Berlin, Germany
Project: Laauw – This World is Yours

Selected – Showroom
My Hero International Film Festival 2016
California, United States
Project: Rainmakers

Won – Best Film
Wildlife Film Festival 2016
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Project: Rainmakers

Nominated – Best Film (Non Professional)
Art Directors Club Netherlands
Dutch Creativity Awards – Category: Impact

Member of Jury – 2020
The Best Social Media
The Best Social Awards – Category: Diversity 

Member of Jury – 2019