Pencilstrikes, forced on the descriptive parchment of our pilgrimage. Dry sands stir up dust as our shackled boots bewander a windswept plain. The slit of our pen runs dry, yet the moist throats of our custodians crave to herald the fourth Chapter in a grim recital. And in the darkest hour before the dawn we see eye to eye, Queen of the Council.

The décor is set, high in the mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees. Where our latest Chapter named “High-Stake Hollow” both continues and ends in a well-known cliff-hanger. In the fourth narration of the fictional storyline and together with a team consisting of stylist Clyde Semmoh and photographer Marc Haers; the team combines elements from the Argentinian Gaucho culture and traditional Japanese culture to create a distinct and new contemporary style in menswear melting both eastern and western influences together.

The phenomenal amount of people enthousiastic to see our film and the vibe created together was an amazing experience. We’re humbled by the abundant attendance of critics in both film and the fashion industry. We’d like to thank VERY RARE AMS for the pictures.

Musically guided by Skinshape, we hereby present; Cavemen Chapter IV – High Stake Hollow.

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