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Nature Needs Heroes

In a special collaboration with Kazerne, the first community centre in Reigersbos since about ten years, Timberland starts an Amsterdam regreening project with exactly this purpose. Reigersbos, a neighbourhood in Amsterdam Zuid Oost, is a place with lots of creativity. Maru Asmellash, born and raised in Reigersbos and the initiator of Kazerne, wants to bridge this gap and create opportunities for local talents.

Director’s Cut
Director: Safi Graauw 
Cinematography: Zeeger Verschuren

We Give Work

With the ‘WE GIVE WORK’ campaign, Young Capital focuses on young people. Together with HERC the Agency and talented young creators, we made a fast paced commercial that breathes youth culture, creating jobs for the next generation to come.

Creative Director: Emilio de Haan (HERC)
Director(s): Safi Graauw / Emilio de Haan (HERC)
Cinematography: Noël Schoolderman


A new broadcaster that is always based on interest in others. Enthusiastic, open and connecting. ZWART builds bridges. Between you and someone else, someone who thinks differently, someone who acts differently. ZWART is a new sound that makes you curious and that you want to hear more about.

Creative Director: Beer ten Kate
Director(s): Safi Graauw 
Cinematography: Jasper de Kloet

Rocker's Revenge

For SS ’19, K-Swiss worked with creative agencies from around the world. By utilising Caribbean heritage and culture, an aesthetic twist was added in the CAVEMEN visual iteration voor SS19′ and the K-Swiss x Footlocker EU Campaign.

Creative Director: Safi Graauw
Director: Safi Graauw
Cinematography: Safi Graauw
Photography: Omar Rosalina

Rocker's Revenge: Stills