Her mild touch has set in and we Cavemen once again adapt to her soothing blanket.


Combining functionality and style in a timeless, handmade silhouette. Born out of a mutual respect, aesthetic and interest; the merge of ideas results in the Black Shell Backpack. A handmade, durable and rainproof backpack with a timeless silhouette; ethically made in Amsterdam.

The collaboration focuses on a technical, leather backpack made from rainproof, woven nylon. Utilizing functionality, the shell of the backpack contains rainproof zippers for storage and transport. The combination of woven nylon and premium leather includes luggage grade durability.

The interior of the backpack is decorated with a unique duck-camo pattern designed by the Cavemen collective and will fit any traveller needs.

A typical quote on the backpack reads: “What is lost, if it has yet to be found”. A saying that resonates the journey on the independent creative’s long lasting search and crave for inspiration.


The Black Shell collaboration is available from the Frankie Boateng online shop and is priced at $350.

Photo’s: Marc Haers
Art Direction: The Cavemen
Styling: Doru Komonoteng Loboka

Bearded, dapper and above all; down-to-earth.