It is said that the greatest mountains whisper in his presence.

Doru Komonoteng Loboka’s perspective
Doru Komonoteng Loboka’s perspective

A talented Art Director hailing from the streets of Amsterdam, one specialized in mesmerizing color palettes and African aesthetic. Doru Kmonoteng Loboka from South Sudan believes that Africa is part of her identity and of influence on her work. Travelling and studying the African consumer has helped Loboka realise how prominent the market is.

DoruNsimba is the collaboration between Nsimba Valene Lontanga and Doru Komonoteng Loboka. Through their visual creations, the two women are redefining the African identity around the globe. In a series called, A Cosmopolitan African the pair visualise the continent’s rich aesthetics through art direction, photography and fashion.

“There is a wave of talents emerging, that not only need more exposure but also need to become part of a global conversation,”

– Doru Komonoteng Loboka & Nsimba Valene Lontanga

For the love of colour, doru focused her Art directional skills on making stills using the timeless Clarks Desert boot.

For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.