With solitude as our only companion, reality shifts within it’s boundaries.

Ready For More

“What would you like to do more of?” The creatives over at Converse answered this question by taking their biggest step yet; refining the most popular and timeless shoe to date to match the needs of people working long creative hours behind their desks. In their Chuck II campaign, our Founders were asked the exact same question. “What would you like to do more of?”

“We have seen most of the Dutch landscapes and are working hard to take our Chapters project abroad.” That is the first thing that came to our Founder’s mind.

Safi 3

Chris 2

The World has many interesting landscapes in which we can continue our dapper story”.

A second goal in our Founder’s work is being able to influence sustainable, iconic and timeless garments. The combination of Audiovisual Design, Communication Strategy and Earth-sciences builds a new perspective on sustainability within the clothing industry and use their knowledge to persuade their vision. 

In their creativity, our founders have realized and directed complete campaigns for curated, timeless brands. Another interest they would like to do more of.

Bou 1

“Taking our fictional Chapters abroad, communicate sustainable, timeless and iconic garments, influence the clothing industry towards a more sustainable and ethic environment and realize and direct campaigns for curated Brands.”

That is the answer our Founders have formulated towards Converse’s critical question.

Her mild touch has set in and we Cavemen once again adapt to her soothing blanket.