For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.


Through great technological- and medical advancement and the wide access to natural resources; the effect of human activity has both reached and breached planetary scale. Human activity is deemed as powerfull as the geological forces that have shaped the planet historically in a new epoch we’ve named: The Antropocene.

The anthropocene, an epoch that marks the power that resides in human intelligence. Hand in hand with Justdiggit, The Maasai of the Great Rift Valley are working on a project opted te reforest vast areas of land on the short term and to create regional rains in the long run. Our founder worked on a documentary on this organization and these Maasai tribes desperately hoping to feed their cattle and equally save their environment.

Justdiggit is a non-profit organization that jump starts landscape restoration programs with a positive climate impact and creates a global social movement for climate action.

The full video can be watched here

Written by: Safi Graauw
Cinematography: Marc haers
Executive Producer: Wessel van Eeden

Stand close to your nature and respect your inner self.