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A.I.M. H.I.G.H.

It’s not often that you get to meet the very pillars of your inspiration, let alone work with them. For their collaboration with Denham, we CAVEMEN we granted the honor of working with the Rural Tailor Liam Maher himself joined by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First. Presenting AIM HIGH; an inevitable collaboration, born out of commitment and allegiance.

Sam Post

Denham invited the hugely influential designers, stylists and all-round creatives; Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes first to lead the brand’s most recent collaboration project within the House Guest Artist series. The A.C.F.’s own collection, Avec ces Freres explored the power and symbolism of black this season so it was natural to reflect this concept in the Denham project as well, since at Denham; “If It’s Not Indigo, It’s Black”.

The Denham design team asked Sam and Shaka to roll up their sleeves and develop their own unique tweaks on Denham signature styes in both 5-pocket and the tops collection. The pair’s experience as seasoned tailors trained on Savile Row is apparent intheir translation of styles like the Rhys Oxford where they employed formal marcela cotton along the Rhys’ iconic shoulder yoke and reworked the button-down collar to introduce bold black accents.


An inevitable collaboration, born out of commitment and allegiance.

– The Cavemen

The pair took apart classics like the Bolt jean, adding discrete blind-zipps at the cuffs to sharpen the silhouette to a more tailoring standard. But the monochrome ock-androll vibe also remains intact on styles like the Gusset Sweat, Tubular Tee and Chore Jacket and the 5-pocket extension includes modifications of the Bolt and Crop in black.

ACF photo

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