With solitude as our only companion, reality shifts within it’s boundaries.


This festive season Scotch and Soda invited a special group of Amsterdammers; those who make a positive difference to our city and in our world. What does this group celebrate at this time of year? What do they celebrate all year round?

What do you think we should all celebrate at this time of year?
I think we should all celebrate our humanity, the little bonds that we’ve built with new people, the little progress we’ve made, the good moments, the sad ones, our differences and similarities as the simple human beings we are. We’ve been granted the gift of Life for another year. These things almost tend to become marginal as nowadays, it seems we’re almost all focused on big dreams and quick moves. Appreciating the little things, allows us to live today, and not in the empty promise of a near future.
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Can you tell us about your work with Justdiggit and what sparked you to begin?
There are times in my life that I’ve just bumped into the right positively minded people and this was one of those moments. We immediately had a good connection, not knowing that we would be on an adventure in the savannahs of Kenya about two months later.

Justdiggit’s mission is to cool down the planet, by growing vegetation on a very large scale in their landscape restoration projects. What astonishes me up to this day, is that their geo-engineering approach is so low tech and simple, but can have a major effect in fighting regional climate change. And all you need is a shovel. Hence the name; Justdiggit.

With my earth sciences background and being part of the film platform Cavemen, I haven’t seen a scientifically sound project with so much potential. One that could change the way we look at our trees and grasses. I try to help out with both telling their story and contributing knowledge where and whenever I can.


What is your biggest wish for next year?
I have a strong tendency to tell multicultural stories, whether they are documentary, fictional or based on true events. There’s a certain amount of these stories taking their place inside my head. A bit too many for a self-taught filmmaker. My biggest wish would be for these stories to come to fruition together with good people in projects where we can set aside our ego’s and just create alongside each other. I’d love to create a film which allows people to reflect on my story on the scale of Yann Arthus Bertrand’s “Human” or James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

It is said that the greatest mountains whisper in his presence.