With solitude as our only companion, reality shifts within it’s boundaries.

Follow Your Nature
Follow Your Nature

“Goodmorning Saf, back on the train track to Delft?”, Christiaan said as they sat down in the seats of their daily train ride towards the south of the Netherlands.“Yeah, back to the lecture halls, Environmental Sciences today. I got a class on ecology, what’s in that box you got with you?” Safi’s eyes curiously focused on a red box that spelled CANON in capital letters. “Oh this?”… Through the “Follow Your Nature” campaign by Marc O’Polo, Our founders narrate the complete story behind the Cavemen concept for the very first time. Also introducing a third member of the now filmmaker trio. Boudewijn Grammer, Christiaan’s younger brother adds both creativity and strategy to the Cavemen team.

“This is my new camera, got it for the Art Academy, mind if I try some test shots on you with it?” Chris said whilst pulling out his first professional camera.“Just keep looking out the window and I’ll film”.
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A dialogue that formed the very pillars of the concept the young creative minds of Cavemen developed. Safi Graauw and Christiaan Grammer started this concept and strengthened their friendship during their years as Environmental Science and Audiovisual Design students. During these years, Christiaan would often use Safi as a model in the films he made at the Art Academy and so; introduced a young yet stylish student into the world of film and photography. As time passed and they fed each other with ideas and concepts from both their respected fields, their urge to create together and follow their common nature grew. The topics in their daily train rides shifted from the knowledge they gathered in classes to the creative projects they could do together.
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The day the first quote was written, was the day that their creativity finally synchronized.“As from today, we Cavemen are a Fact”. Christiaan was intrigued by the depth and mysterious touch of “The Cavemen” a mysterious group of dapperly dressed men wandering a rural 1920th landscape; a figment of Safi’s imagination. Using the iconic and timeless garments of curated brands and Safi’s knowledge of natural locations in the Netherlands, they created their fictional world and filmed the first chapter in the mysterious story of “The Cavemen” at the Oosterdel in the dunes of Haarlem the same location as in the Follow Your Nature photography. Marco polo (11 van 11)Boudewijn, Christiaans younger brother, always watched with awe as his brother and Safi matured into respected creatives and in his nature, decided to add structure to the two unstoppable creatives feeding each other with ideas. And so formed a creative triplet.

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Safi Graauw, Christiaan Grammer and Boudewijn Grammer; the heart, nerves and blood of this filmic and fictional concept. With a sense for poetry, style, the art of storytelling and a keen knowledge in where to find the magic in outdoor locations; Safi Graauw creatively directs the translation of his fictional world into Christiaan Grammer’s lens. Using his silky skills in film, Christiaan manages to lift the fans up out of their seats and into the fictional world of “The Cavemen” in a slow and layered flow of imagery. The link between the two creatives is Boudewijn, a strategic mastermind when it comes to communication and decision-making. The lifeblood on which both the heart and nerves of this concept rely. Together they managed to create a bond in which all three can follow their nature and work to prove that their goals are indeed achievable.


Photography by Sascha Luna Esmail

For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.