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A Detox Denim Talk
A Detox Denim Talk

Our founders held yet another talk on sustainability within the denim industry the aim of the symposium was to introduce a technique that will decrease water usage by 80% in front of the dutch and Belgian A-press for a symposium organized by Atelier Noterman. A crowd of 50 retailers was present during the symposium.

With an annual output of 5 million meters of fabric, Italdenim is one of the leading companies in the European market of denim fabrics. In September 2014 Italdenim hit the news headlines when the company joined the Detox Greenpeace committment, first denim manufacturers in the world to step in.

Using their knowledge in earthsciences, our founders explained the necessity of radical thinkers and visionaries to lead mankind towards a sustainable future. By placing sustainability in an earthsciences context our founders answered the burning question on what intrinsically moves the relatively young child that is mankind to respect it’s environment.

Safi Christiaan

“To bring about change within this industry, we need radical thinkers and visionairies to keep pushing society towards sustainability”.

According to Gigi Caccia, CEO of Italdenim, the first denim factory to join the Greenpeace DETOX commitment; the degree of sustainability of a denim fabric is given by many factors that are considered in the design stage of the fabric, starting from the raw material.But the ecological characteristic of a pair of jeans is given especially by dyeing, washing and finishing processes. In finishing processes, like sizing, dyeing, washing and finishing, we favour low environmental impact solutions such as dyeing with indigo and textile auxiliaries which is the result of our research.

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