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Create for a Cause
Create for a Cause

Our founders held an inspirational talk at the PechaKucha Night Amsterdam in a sold out RADION Amsterdam. The Pecha Kucha Organization asked for our founders to be one of the twelve speakers in front of an international audience.

Our creative father Safi Graauw stepped up the stage and held a talk about the responsibility creatives have in changing the western paradigm towards living sustainably. He told his story on how he enrolled in the creative world as a future Earthscientist and how fictional worlds always fascinated him as a child and teenager. Fascinated as he was by the creative world in a game he played with his friends in his teenage years, he didn’t know or realize he’d create one himself in 10 years time.

“We tend to forget that each and every individual has a monetary value. And that in a capitalist system, money equals power. So if we want products to change, that power lies in what we buy”. 

Our second founding father Christiaan dragged Safi into the world of creatives as he always asked him to be a model in his creative projects as an audiovisual designer. As he completes his story on how he created the rural world and landscapes that surround this poetic group of wandering men he later named “The Cavemen” he introduced his vision on “Creating for a Cause, not an Applause” with the words;

“We here in the Western World, are the 20% of the world’s population that uses 80% of it’s resources. We need to start valuing quality, timelessness and ethics over quantity and cheap prizes wether you are into dressing up nicely or not! It is our large demand in cotton that is causing unethical and poor situations for other human beings, depleting our soils and threathening food safety. Trust me, I am a future Earthscientist.”


His vision is on the role of creatives in communicating sustainability and thus pushing the sustainability paradigm to a point where action is inevitable. By explaining how to reverse company marketing strategies by providing information on how they work towards the public. Our founder managed to inspire the thousand eyes that where watching him.

With solitude as our only companion, reality shifts within it’s boundaries.