Her mild touch has set in and we Cavemen once again adapt to her soothing blanket.

Chapter II – Pursuit

Encrypted in ink and image, the second Chapter in the unparalelled story that is ours. With solitude as our only companion, reality shifts within it’s boundaries. Only solid determination and the confidence of a continent can dapperly bridge the gap towards truth. And so; with our bristly beards bound to the gentle breeze and our aim set to the horizon, we solitary wanderers keep an unswerving pace. View the gallery ►

“As He Bewandered our earthly plains, the
greatest mountains and eldest trees
cringed and whispered in His presence.

Yet, Winter’s frigid grip has grown feeble
and now Spring awakens from a long
slumber. Her maidenly warmth
replenishing life and turning frozen soil
into fertile land.

In these times we Cavemen thrive on the
renewal She brings as we continue our
dapper tale. With our bristly beards
bound to her gentle breeze and our aim
set to the horizon, we solidly keep an
unswerving pace.”

For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.