Her mild touch has set in and we Cavemen once again adapt to her soothing blanket.

Chapter I – We, who wander

Written here, is the first Chapter in the extraordinary story that is ours. Veiled by solitude and fed by curiosity, we Cavemen bewander our earthly plains in a slow and cumbersome pace. By fate, there are times in which paths cross and we encounter dapperness at first hand. In these moments, bearded brotherhood is dapperly embraced by an unseen handshake.

“Dapper footsteps In the soil,
These Cavemen, who wander Life’s coil.
Brotherhood and Kinship is what we seek,
Down to earth and dapperly dressed as we speak.
Bearded men, roaming Day and Night,
Unnoticed and silent, like the great Owl’s flight.
We who wander, lonely Kings to be crowned,
and in solitude, Brotherhood is found.”

It is said that the greatest mountains whisper in his presence.