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Bulldog London Gin Afterparty
Bulldog London Gin Afterparty

Due to their sustainable fabrics and ethic choices in manufacturing their apparel. Bound Amsterdam founders Sheila Lopes Alfonso and Maras Rejaän, presented their 2017 autumn and winter men’s wear collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in collaboration with Cavemen and BULLDOG Gin.

Apart from the Jamaican tunes accompanying the show, the collection is full of other references to Jamaican subcultures. Formal blazers, suspenders and high-necked collars appear on the catwalk, but also blazers combined with loose fitting items and sturdy shoes and socks.

Next to a good Glass of gin, We’ve enjoyed the sounds of EYCEE, Uncle Clyde, Dieux Père, Osborne Benz and Chale on the afterparty.

See more on the Bulldog Gin instagram

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