As our dapper boots flatten the wet soil, their silhouettes loom in the distant horizon.


“Ever since the day man exists, young boys reach the turning point at which maturity relieves adolescence and manhood is achieved. In terms of style, this is where class replaces so called swagger and we CAVEMEN arise. Sculpted from the body’s physical desire for maturity, we are the embodiment of masculinity, with a stylish twist.

According to Caveman creed, fashion is nothing more than a seasonal tool which is used to create our daily masterpieces. Interpreting this fiery creed, we firmly ward the balance between masculinity and style and spread our statement amongst others. Respecting classic looks, but embracing modern day style; we confidently blend a street signature in our timeless attire.” 

The Cavemen

“Dapper men, embroiled in an unparalleled story …”

The 20th century man is one that is aware of his appearance. In past time this awareness has been labelled as “metrosexual”or “hip”. In this 21st century there has been a shift in awareness. Manly interest now embraces style and appearance in a broader sense. Not only specific men show an interest in their appearance and style but a much broader group of men now groom and dress on a daily basis.

With the creation of a fictional group of men reflecting this shift in interest; CAVEMEN is a potent melting pot of style and creative writing. By writing stories and philosophical quotes concerning this fictional group of men, its founders transformed these Cavemen and their natural surroundings into a revolutionary and tangible form of portraying style. With its unique composition and characterizing film, poetry, and philosophical quotes, the concept concerning these Cavemen is one that is unique in this bedazzling place of bloggers, advertising agencies and magazines that is the internet.

Focused on the creation of their fictional “Chapters”; CAVEMEN is a filmic, photographic and literary concept based on a fictional group of men through which their founders depict style. Yet with their prowess in creative film/production, and specialism in earthsciences, audiovisual design and corporate communication; CAVEMEN holds a unique view on the retail industry, brand consulting, filmmaking, concept developement, ethics and sustainability within the retail industry.

Stand close to your nature and respect your inner self.