Her mild touch has set in and we Cavemen once again adapt to her soothing blanket.

    “We Cavemen share a creed that notes the importance of timeless and durable items. Ever since the day man exists, young boys reach the turning point at which maturity relieves adolescence and manhood is achieved. In terms of style, this is where class replaces swagger and we Cavemen arise. With the Amsterdam Denim Days on the horizon a filmic collaboration could not be avoided and the seasonal alliance between Denim and Cavemen grows stronger".
    “We humans mostly wear cotton or polyester, two of the industry’s most popular fibres. Cotton depends on large amounts of water to grow, and polyester depends on now-declining reserves of oil and gas. The idea behind sustainable materials is that they are less damaging to the environment to produce, consuming fewer natural resources and creating less pollution”.
    "Once again our heavy footsteps swayed south, again towards the stylish city walls raised by Dries van Noten and his fellow designers. This time it is jeans store Denham that opened up shop. It is the Lombardenvest that is chosen by Jason Denham, the dapper englishman behind the Denham brand. We cavemen set foot at the opening of their store, one that amends to our timeless Cavemen creed. Durable items in a timeless setting".
    Chet Baker, the “Lyrical Trompeter”, a genius high on jazz and heroïn. The melancholic tone in his soft vocals guarantee a night of good vibes. Yet his timeless style, drug addiction and tragic ending on the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam nicknamed him “The James Dean of Jazz”.
    “Rewriting history with a passion to communicate, street etiquette uses style as a narrative to not only create a new identity but to also cover topics such as art, music, culture and socio-economic issues”. Words that sound like a distant hymn in our wandering ears. One of the very pillars of Caveman inspiration, the creative duo that forms streetetiquette express the easthetics that form the base of their projects and editorials in their TEDxNewyork talk".
    "As black ink flows across the old parchment that records legacy, our third Chapter is written in silence. The rhythmic sound of our pencils dipping in dark fluid, mimics the steady ticking of time itself. We tend to wander in a tranquil pace, yet our endless thoughts are rudely disturbed by the hoarse rasps of black birds flapping their wings as they circle our heads. Crows, birds of mischief, it is said their screech turns wander; into wail".